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I have a relentless soul...

I guess that's why everything happened to me like it did.



In 2010 my life fell apart. Everything that defined me was suddenly gone. My health, my marriage, and my family life. Poof!  My 30 year relationship came to a screeching halt, our adult kids left home and I became insulin dependent overnight.


Everything that gave me a sense of safety, security and love was suddenly gone.


At 45, I landed helplessly in an empty nest, alone, single and independent for the first time in my life.


And while I sensed I was in for an intense journey, nothing could have prepared me for the ride ahead.


I had no idea what a protective pattern was. But I'd soon learn that I was clinging to them for life.


I was living in a peptide pool of anxiety, fear and self judgement: the residue of my childhood trauma from decades prior. But I hid it well. On the outside I looked confident, happy and powerful.But I wasn't. I was battling a deep feeling of helplessness and fear. But no one knew because my mask looked "perfect."


But eventually every wound and insecurity rises to the surface. And when it does, we have the choice to either examine it or push it back down.

The only thing I pushed down was the urge to kill myself.


I faced everything that came up. I spent the next 11 years dedicated to my healing and working through the fears, insecurities and traumas of my past. I was determined to live in a place of power and not fear. I was determined to fulfill my purpose to make a difference with my life. And I have. I got here with the help of my relentless soul and the most profound teachers on the planet.


In 2018 I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening.


I had no idea what was happening to me at the time. I wasn't looking for a mystical or spiritual awakening. I was simply seeking to understand the nature of suffering. I was taken by ambulance to the ER with waves of electricity moving up and down throughout my body.


I thought I was dying. But in reality I was coming to life.

My entire life now makes sense.


I can see a new vantage point that was hidden to me before. I see how our protective self is birthed, how it serves us and how we feed it and lose our power. Understanding how to starve our false self has allowed me to untether myself from it.


I see a completely different version of life. And it's incredible.

My inspiration is to help you experience it too.




1nfluencing your identity

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When you understand the deeper nature of your limited, protective mind, and how you feed it and give it your power - you can become unrecognizable to yourself.

~ Trish Ellis


1nfluencing your



"What I learned from Trish changed my whole approach to life.

I no longer feel victimized. l learned how to not let my emotions rule my behaviour. I'm no longer a victim to my past patterns.

My life has done a complete 360 degree turn."

~ Dixie Norman ~ Coach & Entrepreneur



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