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You're not flawed - You're magnificent!


(Says, your Big Self to your Little Self.)



Hi, Im Trish.

Welcome to Awaken Your Worth.

If you're not familiar with my work - I'll condense it into one sentence...

I help leading edge entrepreneurs embody their BIG self; their REAL self.

I call myself a business coach because I help take you to new heights of success, self-expression and financial abundance in your business. But in woo woo terms, I’m the guide that introduces you to your soul. The talent scout who shows you the magnificence that you can't see in yourself and helps you embody your worth deep in your bones.

My work is a blend of soulful-neuroscience. My process intuitively flushes your uniqueness and self-worth to the surface. My superpower is seeing your superpower. I have a unique gift of seeing your essence and the obstacles that are keeping you from accessing your power. I bring out more of who you really are, and I help dissolve the parts of yourself that you judge.


You won't recognize yourself. The parts of yourself that you thought were deficits- you'll experience as your greatest strengths.

When you know your worth – everyone will.

And that’s why my work is so transformational. Our lives are a reflection of our subconscious. There is no amount of action that can override subconscious fear and unworthiness. I help shift your self-perception at a subconscious core level. You won't recognize yourself afterwards. My clients become someone different.

They stop judging themselves - because until they do, their BIG self can't emerge. The powerful, courageous, expressive and creative part of you will naturally hide if you don't feel safe. By dismantling the self-doubt, judgement & criticism that is trying to protect your false identity, the BIG you will intuitively step into the spotlight.

I know the journey well. I spent 3 decades hiding and romancing my small, false- self. Through the process of deep introspect and self-awareness- I studied myself like a book. I learned the intimate details of what it takes to coax the little self to surrender.

When the little me surrendered to the big me - I awakened.

I embodied my wholeness. I was able to face all the parts of myself I wanted to run from because I learned how to be with my feelings. And that is what has allowed me to become a master at what I do. A coach can't take you across a threshold they are afraid to cross. Fear has been the theme of my life. And I've knocked it out of the park.


And that’s what makes me different...

I deeply understand the bridge between the false and real-self.


It is only when your little-self feels safe enough to play bigger- that it will. You need to feel safe and rooted in your worth, before your courage to play bigger will rise to the surface.


And once you've embodied this powerful combination - the door to the life you dream of will magically open.

Curious how it all works?

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"Trish is unlike any coach I've ever worked with.

I barely recognize myself and the caliber of work I'm now doing since I started working with her. She's helped me see my gifts and talents and believe in myself. I'm taking on new challenges

I never imagined myself doing before.

She's changed the level of what I believe is possible for my future."

~ Katie Tibbets ~ BRAND STRATEGIST


Leading Edge Entrepreneurs!

You're a self-aware, leading-edge seeker with a hunger to express your BIGNESS!

You aren't willing to push down your self-expression anymore.

You're hungry for your worth. You're tired of feeding the little you; self-doubt, fear & insecurity.

You want to play BIGGER & express your CREATIVITY into the world.

and that's why you're here...

You're ready to move the obstacles that have been limiting you.

You're ready to step into your P-O-W-E-R.

Awaken Your Worth





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Launch Your NEW Identity Into Your Business & Life!

Eradicate Self Doubt  • Embody Your Worth • Elevate Your Business

Awaken The Master Within!


Trish Ellis is one of the most amazing coaches you'll ever work with. She's helped me bring every business idea I've had to life. But even better she has taught me how to love myself and see my own worth. If you are lucky enough to work with her, she'll change your life and make you a rock star. Being in her presence will make you feel like you can accomplish anything.

~ Kyla Chipchura ~ ENTREPRENEUR

(5) Self Worth Facts...

  • Your worth has nothing to do with your income.

  • Self-doubt lives in the spaces where self-worth has yet to be integrated..

  • You can't accurately perceive your worth when your nervous system is swimming
    in stress/survival peptides.

  • Your perceived faults are the portal to where your greatest power lives.

  • Until you know your worth - you clients can't know it either.


Awaken The Master Within

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