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"We aren't wired to see our own brilliance. That's why we have mirrors. But since your mirror can't talk- I'll take the reins."

~ Trish Ellis

Most people have a vague idea of what their superpowers are. We know we're powerful at our work, but we lack the deeper understanding of the undertones of knowing what makes us powerful and unique at what we do.


By nature, we aren't wired to see it. Just ask a picture to describe itself. We don't have the perspective to spot our own genius. We can't see ourselves from inside the frame.

​Until we fully awaken out of ego, our ego limits us from seeing our true magnificence..This is the reason why so many brilliant people never birth their work into the world.

Self-doubt breeds in the (gap) of not seeing our own unique talents and our influence & impact upon others.


This is why being seen and validated is so powerful in awakening us to our worth. The ego thrives in its absence. The power of validation is an absolute game changer not only in our business, but our entire life.

Until you know (deep in your bones) what makes you unique and different- you can't leverage it & you can't charge for it.




"The moment you meet Trish you'll feel different inside. There's something incredibly healing and inviting about her energy. She helped me see why I'm powerful and unique to the work I do. Her intuition and emotional support are out of this world. She has changed how I see myself & what I believe I am capable of."

~ Liisa Forbes Jorgensen

Deep Dive



The DISCOVERY EXPERIENCE is a deep dive into VALIDATING who you are at your SOUL CORE.

I'll dive into the core of your essence and superpowers connect the dots of what I see, feel & intuitively sense. 

I'll help you identify the magnitude of what your soul has positioned you for. You'll walk away from this experience with a deeper understanding of how to use your superpowers to serve at a higher level.


How the process works...


The only way to accurately pinpoint & validate your essence & superpowers are to experience them first hand.

I'll do this by stepping into the shoes of your client and sampling and experiencing your work.

From this experiential space, I'll articulate the undertones of your impact & influence. 


  • This will allow you a new vantage point to know your greater impact & influence on your clients.

I'll articulate this in extreme detail. Once you better understand how your work is landing in the cells of your clients - you'll be able to leverage your powers more and increase your influence.

  • When you have an increased level of validation in your bones- you'll naturally embody greater worth.

When we know our worth at a higher level - we speak and carry ourselves with greater of clarity, confidence & conviction. Your "old self-doubt" talk won't have the same power against you.

  • You'll have the core bones of your marketing message because you'll know what makes you unique & different.

You'll have an easier time communicating your message and owning your value when you know your superpowers.  

​​Few people ever get this depth of clarity articulated so precisely.

It's a Game Changer!

Without a conscious UNDERSTANDING of our POWER

the EGO can easily TRICK us into believing the TREASURE inside us is WORTHLESS.

I'll Open Your Eyes...

Your gifts aren't worthless.

You have a treasure of gold unique to you!





(Your self-worth is the portal to everything you want in life. )


This is a deep dive into learning who you are at your core. I'll invest the time to know you & your craft & then connect the dots to what I intuitively see and feel in you. I'll help identify the magnitude of the essence at an unprecedented level. None of this is done through speculation, but rather through hands on 1:1 experience. I'll step into the shoes of your client & sample your work. This unparalleled process will open your eyes to a new understanding of what makes you powerful & magnetic.



your Worth



We can't see ourselves from inside the frame, and that's why we only skim the surface of knowing our unique impact and worth.

I'll articulate your sales message so you can nail down how your clients see you & experience your work. I'll give you the words that best reflect how to explain what makes you different & unique.

As the talent scout for your soul...

I'll help you get crystal clear on what separates you from the pack.


You can't leverage what you don't know exists. This is where all the MAGIC comes together and your self-confidence & self respect rise to a whole new level of worth. I'll help you understand how to use your superpowers to support your work.

Get ready to experience a whole new level of ease & freedom.

"I'll show you how to use your natural gifts to their highest potential."


What this isn't...

This isn't EGO validation. That's not what will serve you.

This is SOUL Validation. You'll have a DEEP knowing & understanding of of what your UNIQUE essence and superpowers are

through the discovery process...


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