• Trish Ellis

You're Not Alone.

Updated: May 1, 2019

Your mind is brilliant at pointing out your flaws. And it's time that you knew the truth.

You're not alone.

You're laying in the bathtub thinking about your bills, your tomorrows to-do list and the blog you never wrote, when a stream of overwhelm lands in the pit of your stomach. You feel a sudden urge to sink your head below the water, and end the madness. Then you get a glimpse of your belly fat and you drag yourself out of the tub to start that load of laundry..

Life doesn't always feel good.

And when we have those heavy, dark, overwhelming moments that push you to the edge arise, its important that you remember this message that I'm sharing here.

We feel unhappy, insecure and a voice inside us wants to wrestle.

We feel ashamed and confused because just an hour prior we felt on top of the world. Our chandelier swinging elation is gone and we're grovelling on the floor suddenly doubting everything in our lives.

It's the battle of the little self and the big self.

And it's natural. You just haven't got the memo. You see, the battle is natural and purposeful. Your little self gets fuel from thinking that you're the only person with emotions rooted in fear and self-doubt.

You think you're the only one but you're not.

Truth be told, no one feels like a rockstar 24/7. Even the biggest rockstars, Lady Gaga included. You can have a mantle full of Grammy's and Oscars and the voice of the little self is still gonna come knocking on your door.

We all experience a wavering relationship to the emotions of happiness and self-worth because we are supposed to. Varying emotions are as common as your morning pee and coffee. Our minds are wired to experience them all. And the cherry on top is that we are also wired to judge them.

So you're not wrong for having waves of self-doubt. And your not wrong for judging yourself. You're not wrong period.

Everyone feels inadequate.

Its the nature of being human. That Instagram ninja you think is stewing in self-worth, wealth and beauty has the EXACT same battles as you. Really, I'm serious. As someone who gets the honor of peeking behind the scenes into the psyches of humans, every person battles the same shit.

The purpose of this post is to open your awareness.

To shake you up and wake you up the fact. There's no nothing is wrong with you. The very belief that you're the only one hearing the voice of self doubt or other heavy emotions is what actually fuels and impedes you connecting with the bigger version of you.

Read that again, and again.

You're not alone. You're just human. Put the stick down and give yourself a hug.

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