Releasing Your Resistance Through Story


The stories we tell about ourselves are what shape and influence us. The either inspire and elevate us or they deflate us and limit us. And most humans fall into the latter. We see ourselves as inadequate, limited, flawed beings. 

But we aren't. In truth, we are all HERO'S.


We are all protagonists trying to outrun the villains that chase us. And if we watched our life experiences play out on the screen of a movie theater, we would be sobbing and cheering for our past bravery.


We'd be in awe of our own characters expansion.


But we don't. We fail to see our magnificence and the heroic expansion of our soul. Because our past pains, fears and judgements block us from experiencing our triumphs. 

And that's why examining our past through the lens of story is so healing. When we see our life story from this angle, we realize we were never a victim. We are all hero's.

you'll never see your life story the same again ~


  1. Unpacking the story

  2. Identifying the plot

  3. Seeing the themes

  4. Acknowledging the hero

  5. Releasing the victim

Resistance Released




You're a HERO

and I'll help you see it!

Image by Nicholas Sampson


the HERO'S             

An examination of your life through the lens of story.

  This exploration of your life story is a gift to your  soul.

Finally, the acknowledgment your soul has been waiting for.


~ Fall in love with yourself & your story.

Through the hero's journey you get a second chance to review your life experiences through a new lens. This time, through the lens of your soul. You get to see yourself through a more loving and compassionate lens that will transmute your past pains into your power.


When we explore our past experiences through the lens of story, we allow for and create separation from our survival mind- that only has one agenda; to find your pain and weaknesses - as a primitive attempt to ensure that that you survive. But in doing so, you trade thriving for surviving. You never get to see how magnificent you and your life really are.


You never get to see and appreciate the bigger picture of how much your soul has expanded.

Experience your life story without the lens of your wounding. Experience the expansion, resilience and strength you've overlooked in yourself. 


You'll have a new baseline of who you really are... A Hero.


You'll never look at yourself or your life the same after this experience.



Grab a tissue.




the HERO'S

(1) of my (3) Signature Approach's that  I'll use

with you in my "UNRECOGNIZABLE" 1:1 Coaching Program.


When we see our life story differently

we experience our future different...

We evolve.



"She has an intuitive nature that is profound.

She can see the bigger picture of your life with empathy and a compassionate heart. You won't be the same for having worked with her. This will be the greatest gift you ever give yourself."

~ Liisa Forbes Jorgensen - Writer & Novelist.



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